BeeRaki - Rakomelo liqueur v.20%

A wonderful traditional recipe from Cretan tsikoudia, Sitia thyme honey and wild herbs of Cretan nature.

Rakomelo is on the list of 10 winter drinks. An alcoholic beverage with a strong taste and an intense sweet aftertaste of aromas of nature. Made from raki (Cretan tsikoudia), honey, various spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, as well as local herbs of the Cretan mountains.

Served: Warm in winter, Frozen in summer or with an ice cube

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    • 200ml
    • 500ml
    Components: Grape distillate, honey, cinnamon, clove & wild herbs
    Alcoholic strength: 20% vol.
    Organoleptics Elements: Amber color, strong taste with sweet aftertaste & intense aroma of honey & cinnamon
    C00001 500ml 5200111920623 12
    C00002 200ml 5200111920630 20