"Toplou" honey with royal jelly & pollen

A superfood that combines the three excellent products that the bee gives us. When the pollen meets the royal jelly and is mixed with the honey, an explosion of flavors is created that provides energy and vitamins for a nutritious meal.

Nutritional value: Stimulates the immune system, strengthens mental function, protects against strokes, stops the multiplication of bacteria & viruses, has anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer properties.

Serving suggestion: 1 tsp before breakfast or as a spread on bread.

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    Components: 80% pure honey, 18%  bee pollen, 2% royal jelly
    Harvest Area: Sitia Crete
    Harvest Period: Summer
    Conservation Instructions: Store in a cool and shady place
    Crystallization Time: 8-12 months
    Expiration date: 3 years
    Organoleptics Elements: Yellow color, flower taste and nature aroma
    Instructions for use: Avoid consumption by children under one year.
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