Kouzoulo - Ouzo v.38%

Ouzo, the national drink of Greece! It expresses the mentality, temperament and daily life of the Greeks like no other drink. It is part of its cultural heritage. A glass of ouzo is identified with summer, the sun, the meze, the sea, the company, the tranquility.

Served: In a small thin glass, putting first the transparent ouzo, then a little water and finally an ice cube. Thus, from transparent, it becomes white and all its aromas are gradually released.

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    • 200ml
    • 500ml
    Components: Ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, distillation product of herbs & seeds
    Alcoholic strength: 38% vol.
    Organoleptics Elements: Transparent color, slightly sweet full flavor with intense natural anise aroma
    C00001 500ml 5200111921699 12
    C00002 200ml 5200111921712 20