Orange Honey "Toplou"

Orange honey brings the heavenly aroma of oranges to your table. It stands out for the intense aroma of orange and the unique taste of citrus! Fruity, natural honey that gives a different taste of orange blossoms to the palate!

Nutritional value: It is nutritious, rich in trace elements and vitamin C.

Serving suggestion: Suitable for meats, sauces, salads & confectionery.

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    • 40gr
    • 140gr
    • 200gr
    • 270gr
    • 470gr
    • 500gr
    • 950gr
    Components: 100% pure honey without preservatives
    Harvest Area: Crete
    Harvest Period: Spring
    Conservation Instructions: Store in a cool and shady place
    Crystallization Time: 2-3 months
    Expiration date: 3 years
    Organoleptics Elements: Light color, with citrus flavor and pleasant aroma
    Instructions for use: Avoid consumption by children under one year.
    Energy: 1226kj / 293kcal
    Fat: 0gr
    Of which Saturates: 0gr
    Of which Mono-unsaturates: 0gr
    Of which Polynunsaturates: 0gr
    Carbohydrates: 76gr
    of which Sugars: 76gr
    Proteins: 0gr
    Salt: 0gr
    A00070 950g 5,20011E+12 9
    A00071 500g 5,20011E+12 12
    A00072 470g 5,20011E+12 12
    A00073 270g 5,20011E+12 20
    A00074 200g 5,20011E+12 20
    A00075 140g 5,20011E+12 40
    A00076 40g 5,20011E+12 108