Thyme - Heather Honey "Toplou"

A fantastic combination of amber thyme with heather. It has a strong aroma and a very strong taste. Heather is an exquisite honey that is collected shortly before the end of the productive season of the bees in Autumn. It has a dark color and crystallizes very quickly! It has excellent nutritional value, is rich in protein, phenols and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Nutritional value: Honey of high nutritional value with tonic effects for the human body, as it contains many natural nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. It has antiseptic, anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory properties, is a diuretic and disinfectant of the urinary system. It has a positive effect on stones formed in the urinary system, renal colic, chronic cystitis, prostate and edema, liver and bile diseases.

Serving suggestion: For breakfast, tea, smoothies.

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    • 40gr
    • 140gr
    • 200gr
    • 270gr
    • 470gr
    • 500gr
    • 950gr
    Components: 100% pure honey without preservatives
    Harvest Area: Collected from the area of Sitia, in Crete, an area around the Toplou monastery that has been designated “Natura 2000” & “Sitia Unesco World Geopark”
    Harvest Period: Autumn
    Conservation Instructions: Store in a cool and shady place
    Crystallization Time: 1-3 months
    Expiration date: 3 years
    Organoleptics Elements: Dark amber color, characteristic & strong taste with a delicate & earthy aroma
    Instructions for use: Avoid consumption by children under one year.
    Energy: 1362kj / 360kcal
    Fat: 0gr
    Of which Saturates: 0gr
    Of which Mono-unsaturates: 0gr
    Of which Polynunsaturates: 0gr
    Carbohydrates: 79gr
    of which Sugars: 79gr
    Proteins: 0.30gr
    Salt: 0gr
    A00050 950g 5,20011E+12 9
    A00051 500g 5,20011E+12 12
    A00052 470g 5,20011E+12 12
    A00053 270g 5,20011E+12 20
    A00054 200g 5,20011E+12 20
    A00055 140g 5,20011E+12 40
    A00056 40g 5,20011E+12 108